Our project number with GDG

Please for your information, our project number with Global Development Group (GDG) Australia have been changed from J252B Obbo Project to J252BN Obbo Project. This is really important, to quote the correct number when donating, as otherwise funds do not go to the correct project. Here is the link of our project with GDG website. http://globaldevelopmentgroup.org/au/projects/j252bn-obbo-project/
Together We Can #TWC

School Construction

To our supporters; greetings and thank you all for your prayers and support. The school project has commenced, the school will consist of 12 rooms including 8 classrooms and 4 administration rooms. George and the team are doing great in Obbo, South Sudan and continuing with the work. Together We Can! #TWC


Bore-hole for clean water

Things are now moving in South Sudan,the Drilling Crew have arrived, they asked our friends to pray for God to show them where to drill!! Such faith in God is to be applauded! Land is being cleared on the chosen site with drilling to commence soon, the drilling company have agreed to go to Obbo, 7 k’s away to inspect the well near the village school which is now dry. We are hoping they can deepen it to provide this school with water for students. How happy we are to be working in this war torn country, showers of blessing are already falling into peoples lives and hope is springing up afresh! Together We Can! #TWC

Fund for bore-hole drilling

Very happy today! After some three months delay trying to get finance through the banking systems, the wait is over as our borehole funds have now arrived safely and have been deposited into the African Action South Sudan Project Bank Account in Torit.
The drilling contractors will now go to check the site and commence the drilling which we hope will happen as planned.” Thank you.
Together We Can! #TWC

Together We Can

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