Glory be to God in the highest, Pr Jim landed safely back in Australia. Thank you all for your prayers. Big thank you goes to Jim for the great work he’s been doing, especially taking his time to travel to meet with the local people not only in Obbo South Sudan, but also in Uganda and Kenya spreading God’s love. May you and your family be blessed abundantly.
Please keep praying for brother George, he will be back in Australia in a week. Together We Can! #TWC

Pr Jim, photo taken 2015

George and Jim

Brother George still supervising the work on the ground, Pr Jim, left Obbo a week ago and expected to return to Australia soon after finalising his visit in East Africa. Prior to Pr Jim leaving Obbo, a leadership training was held, attended by about sixty leaders from different background, also youth workshop was held. The feedback was amazing from those who attended.
The roofing of the school is in progress and the new borehole for the school is being drilled. We are grateful for your endless support, please keep it up. Together We Can! #TWC


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success~H. Ford.
Please help us spread the news about this site and get more likes for our Facebook page and followers by sharing this website with your friends and families. In doing so, together we can help rebuild South Sudan. #TWC

George and Jim

Brother George and Pr Jim arrived in Obbo, South Sudan safely. Jim is doing really well learning Acholi language and stated he’s being looked after very good. The duo have lots of work to do together within 1 week because Jim is leaving in a week times. Together We Can! #TWC


George and Jim

Happy New Year.  Pr Jim and brother George safely landed in Entebbe, Uganda welcomed by Sula and Gabriel. They are going to spend a week in Uganda before heading to South Sudan on the 8th of January 2018. Keep praying for their safety please. Together We Can! #TWC

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