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My name is Medina Lamunu, please called me Medina. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend,a colleague and a Registered Nurse (RN). I was born in South Sudan previously known as Sudan and now I'm Australian Citizen. In 1994 due to war in my Country, I was forced to flee to a neigbouring country Uganda with my cousin; my mother and siblings joined us a year later. Live in the Refugee camp, especially in Achol-Pii camp in Northern Uganda was not easy due to constant attacks on our camp by Lord Resistant Army (LRA) led by Joseph Kony, hence our camp was relocated to Western Uganda. I lived in Uganda for 12 years in a Refugee Camp and that is where I started my schooling about ten years of age. I love learning from the day I started going to school, even if my stomach was empty most of the time and I still love learning. I came to Australia in 2006 to join my hubby George. Living in Australia gave me so many opportunities I wouldn't have dreamt of in a refugee camp or even in the country where I was born. Since coming to Australia, apart from having my "Special Treasures" that's how I refer to our amazing children. I have completed Certificate IV in Hospitality and Events, Certificate IV in Health Science Foundation, which led me to complete a Bachelor of Nursing in 2016 at Federation University, Australia, Gippsland campus. However, I’m still a student studying a Bachelor of Nursing Honours (2017), I have just submitted my thesis for marking. I am also planning to study Midwifery to add onto my knowledge to be equipped to work as a midwife. I love my Job already as an RN, the most things I enjoyed about my Job is everything I do as a nurse ranging from caring for patients/clients to just listening to patients/clients narrating their stories. I am hoping I will assist people in South Sudan one day when I visit as a nurse and a midwife. INTERESTs •Family •Personal development •Charitable work. •Reading •Walking •Cooking •Music •Editting videos and Creating/maintaining Webpage. Please, bear with me this is my first website I created, I liked it and I hope you do as well. Thank you very much for reading. Yes, Together We Can!!

School’s roofing process

The process of our school roofing commenced in early January just days before Jim and George arrived in Obbo to join the team. The roofing is still ongoing due to manual labour, all the 200+ timbers were cut manually for joining as you can see in the photos . Thanks to strong, hardworking team, may they be bless abundantly. Also the windows and doors were fitted. Shout our: Together We Can!! #TWC

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New borehole

Clean water is life!! Our own ‘water geologist’ Jim walked through our field with the dowsing rod looking for water underground where the new borehole can be drilled. Watch what happened when he walks over a location that has the potential of yielding water, the dowsing rod rotated in his hands and that is where the borehole for school drilling took place. Our future pupils/students will forever be grateful for this source of water, a special thanks to our supporters and donors. Things-already-better.. Together We Can! #TWC


Glory be to God in the highest, Pr Jim landed safely back in Australia. Thank you all for your prayers. Big thank you goes to Jim for the great work he’s been doing, especially taking his time to travel to meet with the local people not only in Obbo South Sudan, but also in Uganda and Kenya spreading God’s love. May you and your family be blessed abundantly.
Please keep praying for brother George, he will be back in Australia in a week. Together We Can! #TWC

Pr Jim, photo taken 2015