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Please call me Medina! My first time attending formal education was from a refugee camp in Uganda in 1994 at the age of ten having fled Sudan (now South Sudan) due to war. I attended my first primary one, under a big tree as a classroom and I sat on a rock without a book or a pencil, but I used the sand on the ground as a book and my index finger for writing as a pencil. Learning in English language was not easy, yet I was determined to know how to speak, read and write English. Also, living in the refugee camp for 12 years was hard, but being able to get formal education made it bearable for me. While in a refugee camp, I was able to complete both primary and secondary education before coming to Australia in 2006. In 2013 after completing Certificate IV in Health Science Foundation, I applied to study double degree Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery. However, I was only accepted to study Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) which I completed in 2017. In 2018 I applied to study Graduate Diploma of midwifery and completed it in January 2021. And on the 13th of April 2021, I was presented with Graduate Diploma of Midwifery in a ceremony at Federation University, Australia-Churchill campus. I’m now a Registered Nurse and a Registered Midwife. My hope is one day to start a medical centre in Obbo, Magwi County, South Sudan with your help, YES TOGETHER WE CAN! Health Is PARAMOUNT!

School’s roofing process

The process of our school roofing commenced in early January just days before Jim and George arrived in Obbo to join the team. The roofing is still ongoing due to manual labour, all the 200+ timbers were cut manually for joining as you can see in the photos . Thanks to strong, hardworking team, may they be bless abundantly. Also the windows and doors were fitted. Shout our: Together We Can!! #TWC

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New borehole

Clean water is life!! Our own ‘water geologist’ Jim walked through our field with the dowsing rod looking for water underground where the new borehole can be drilled. Watch what happened when he walks over a location that has the potential of yielding water, the dowsing rod rotated in his hands and that is where the borehole for school drilling took place. Our future pupils/students will forever be grateful for this source of water, a special thanks to our supporters and donors. Things-already-better.. Together We Can! #TWC