Initiators of the Project

George Oling and Medina Lamunu are from South Sudan previously known as Sudan, but they are now Australian Citizen. They initiated Obbo Project (African Action South Sudan) in 2012, with the support from African Action International and Christian Family Church in Warragul. George came to Australia in 2005 after living in a refugee camps both in Uganda and Kenya for a total of 15 years. Medina came to Australia in November 2006, she too lived in various refugee camps in Uganda for about 12 years prior to coming to Australia. They are now blessed with children; Medina stated, ‘as a parent you hope for the best not only for your children, but also for every child in the world.’
In May 2011, George and Medina sat down and started reflecting on what they both went through growing up. Even if they were both very young went the war broke up in their Country South Sudan. They saw the main problems in their country of birth were lack of clean water and education, poor medical service, high rate of unemployment and food insecurity. Their vision is to see such problems not to keep on going in this new generation. They started writing their goals and plan down, then project description. In September 2013, George went to visit his village Obbo in South Sudan after more than 20 years away, accompanied by his Australian friends mainly African Action International members. When they were there in Obbo, they met with the local community members and discussed with them the difficulties they have been facing. The difficulties were the same like what had been mention above.  Fortunately, the local community donated large piece of land for development on which the AASS project work is now occurring.

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