African Action South Sudan (AASS) project is based in South Sudan; although it was founded in Australia. AASS is non-profit community based project that aims to rebuild Obbo Payam in South Sudan through the provision of education opportunities, basic health services, micro-financing, community and agricultural development. African Action South Sudan was established and registered in South Sudan in both National and State government in 2013. AASS operates in association with and under the auspices of African Action International incorporated.
South Sudan has been severely devastated by civil war for over 21 years. During this time of conflict, many South Sudanese including those from Obbo Payam fled to neighbouring countries. In 2005, peace was partially achieved and the South Sudanese people were able to determine their own future by separating from Sudan on 9th July 2011. Since the founding of an independent country, the South Sudanese diaspora have gradually been returning to their homeland.
Many are starting their lives afresh and struggle to survive without basic necessary infrastructure. To begin again becomes a desperate situation which calls for collective efforts to support the community. By collaborating with the Payam authorities, community leaders and immediate stakeholders, Obbo project will assist to establish and build the capacity of the community’s basic services. This will be achieved by establishing church and school, providing health service, conducting agricultural training courses,  and starting a micro-finance initiative.
Together We Can!

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